Prose Poetry

He’s playing the piano in the corner with a clunk-clunk-clunk half out of tune his fingers coming down hard on the keys like they owe him for a childhood trauma beating them down in some disjointed rhythm   His face twisted in a grimace and toes curled up in cheap shoes trying so damn hard […]

This is Border Country.   If you come here on a clear day, you can see into the future.   Just a few seconds – but sometimes, that’s enough.   It can be lonely. But it is peaceful in a way no other place seems to be. Peaceful, and quiet.   The air is cool. […]

  The woman takes the cigarette from her lips, watches the end as it burns. There are a million reasons to quit. She knows every one of them, runs through them in her mind each time she takes another drag. Lung cancer. Emphysema. That hot blonde who doesn’t date smokers. The decaying feeling she gets […]