On Art


Today is a day in which there is a wall. On the other side of the wall are the things I have to do. I want to get to these things, and do them, but there is a wall. It’s an invisible wall; I can see the things I want and need, but I cannot […]


TWO DAYS after Election 2016, the shock’s just starting to wear off and reality is beginning to set in. We’re looking around trying to get a sense of the world we now live in. And then LEONARD COHEN DIES. Is this year cursed, or something? We needed him. We’re catapulted into an uncertain future, everyone […]


Today is the Glorious 25th of May. Today, we remember Terry Pratchett. And we remember the brief existence of the People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road, and those who fought and died at the barricades. Barricades always appeal, but there’s something deeply special about Night Watch. It’s hard and it’s dark and it shows you […]

Paris Review interviews are pure indulgence. They keep some great ones online, and it’s delight to look back and read P.G. Wodehouse or whoever – how they write, how they live, how they behave and what they laugh at. All beautifully written, of course, and well set-out. Reading about writing is a particular favourite of […]


I don’t think anyone was expecting to say goodbye to David Bowie last night. On reflection, looking at the album he left us just a week or so ago, he knew. He gave us the video for Lazarus only five days ago. The timing was impressive.   We like to tell ourselves stories, half-joking, about […]

The end of the year has come, as it is wont to do. I love the beginning of a new year. Not only to I get to start a new planner (2016 is my first time using a hobonichi and I am hype), but the new year gives an opportunity for goal-setting and fresh starts. […]

"Bisous xx"

Tonight I spent some time going through and editing some old photos. I tried to post one on tumblr, and was told by that august institution that I had to shrink it or be damned. So it was that I went onto my deviant art account and actually posted some work. The result, among other […]

I have nothing for you today.   I thought about artist’s statements and the Arty Bollocks Generator, but couldn’t flesh anything out of that.   I thought about the phrase “creative professional” and “creative” as a noun, and couldn’t do anything with that either. (“Creative” as a noun annoys me. I couldn’t tell you why, […]

Today I’ve had the most views in one day I ever expect to have – at least until I make another post about notebooks. A gratifying percentage stuck around to check out the rest of my blog, which was really nice. So thanks to anyone who came along from FYN.   Actually come to think […]

Ars Vincit Omnia

I need to talk to you about Caravaggio. Where do I start? Have you seen this man’s work? He’s incredible. His use of colour and shadow completely overthrew whatever thoughts I had on visual art when I was a teenager. His work is vibrant, striking, and powerful, all thick with emotion.     I have […]