Blaugust Begins

Welcome to the month of August, wherein I will be posting something here on my blog every single day.  I had intended to get down to business as soon as I’d finished my coffee, but Windows 10 was available for install and I’ve been spending most of the day wresting with bloatware and so on. (For some reason there is no way to uninstall an Xbox application. I don’t have an Xbox, I don’t want an Xbox…. why can’t I get rid of it?) I have also discovered I can’t use Cortana without setting the region to a place I don’t live in and changing the log-in on my computer to a Windows account, instead of using a local account, which I’m not really into to be honest. Also, she searches with bing. *makes a face* However, it’s nice to have a Start menu back without having to use third party software. I’m not sure why it has to be so large, but whatever.


I have been writing down some ideas to retreat to if things get tough; I’ll be sharing art I love, my photography, books in my library, favourite stationery. I’ll also be posting my more usual fare prose and poetry, and thoughts on writing. Otherwise, I fully intend, a couple of days at least, to just start writing and what happens.

I have goals for Blaugust. Primarily, I just want to be updating more often. My basic goal for September onwards is two to three posts a week. This is something I’ve wanted to do in the past but have always fallen short of doing – barely managing one post a week at the best of times, honestly. My hope is that Blaugust will force me to post when I have nothing to say, and thereby find something to say; with luck I’ll be able to continue doing so after the month is over. The second goal is a wider readership. More posts, more activity, will hopefully attract more readers, and that’s something of which my little corner of the internet is in need.

Onwards, then, to the month of concentrated blogging!

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