And what have you done?

Today is the last day of August, and so the last day of Blaugust. It seems appropriate to look back at the month and see how I did.

I missed five days, and managed 16 without breaking my streak. I’m quite happy with that – honestly it felt like I’d missed a few more days than that. I’m looking at my monthly task checklist now and I seem to have ticked off 26 of the 31, which is not bad, really, for someone who came into this thinking she didn’t have much to say.

I have discovered this month that the more you write, the more readers you are likely to get. I have also discovered that writing things about notebooks and then linking to that post on my notebook tumblr is actually an intelligent thing to do. (But not too often. Don’t want to bother people. Still, I’ve been getting a few clicks a day from FuckYeahNotebooks even on days when I haven’t said anything notebook-related, which is nice.) I’ve discovered that Google no longer sharing search queries is totally uncool and leaves you with a desperate wondering. What brought them here? Was it the Tracer Bullet references? I must know.

I’ve been sharing a lot more of myself on here this month. It surprises me in retrospect how much of my website is impersonal. I shared so little of myself, which does not seem right now. If you’re to read my prose and poetry, shouldn’t you get to know me a little? That’s fair. Of course, there are links to the right that will take you to places you can get to know me pretty well – tumblr, instagram, twitter – but there’s nothing wrong with being a little more personal in this place, which is my own. I should probably stick a picture of myself somewhere as well, but I can’t really… hmm. Hang on, why do I have two search bars? And why is that RSS thingy so BIG? Criminy. SCRUFF, come and help me with this damn thing!…

Thanks to the Aggronaut for the Blaugust experiment. I won’t be aiming to blog every day from this point on, but three times a week and perhaps more, if I can manage it. I’ve been planning my week (read: decorating my planner) and I have “blog” written down under Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

We’ll see how it goes.


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    Congratulations for making it through Blaugust and thanks for doing it with me! 🙂

    If you want to make the RSS icon smaller, I’d try adding this to your custom CSS section (I hope it allows this inside comments!):

    #rss img { width: 100px !important; height: 100px !important; }

    …change the 100px to suit taste.

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