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Ahhhh, it’s nice when the shopping is done. One can sit back and relax. The wine cupboard is stocked, the sun is occasionally shining, and Eksmas is but two days away. I ran 13km this week. My cat is doing OK. I am going to eat all the food this weekend. (OK, fine. I am going to eat some of the food and drink all the wine. Happy?)

I’ve discovered Friday Phrases, which is a Thing on Twitter and happily actually starts on fucking Friday, instead of halfway through Saturday as most internet-based things seem to. Bless those Australians.

Last week I posted a piece of doggerel:
My icicle darling
Glittering, shining,
Old as mountains and fresh as snow
Fast as rivers, yet glacier-slow.

This week has a “forgetfulness” theme, and my brain is tapped out. I got about three hours of sleep last night and my brain is asleep already. It annoys me because I do so want to join in. I love flash fiction and drabbles and getting things as short as possible, bam, in and out. There are some great twitter accounts for very short fiction. (Very Short Story and TR Darling are my favourites.)

In other news, I’m considering writing a thinkpiece about how Scrooge McDuck would never, ever work for Trump. He would hold him in the greatest possible contempt. Anyway, if he was going to go into politics, he would have done so with Teddy Roosevelt. (What do you mean you’ve never read The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck?! It won an Eisner!)

Now, enough of that nonsense. This is ostensibly a holiday post, and so, some holiday words for you.

Friends, do not tempt fate this holiday season.

Point bubbly corks away from any living creatures. Do not drink and drive. Make sure the smoke alarms are functioning. Friends in the northern hemisphere, watch out for ice when driving. Friends in the southern hemisphere, be careful in the water and don’t forget your sunscreen. Stay safe out there, and enjoy yourselves. I’ll be around. And if you’re lonely during the holidays, Sarah Millican runs a hashtag on twitter where people share their quiet days and their thoughts and best wishes: #joinin. It’s actually kind of soothing to browse through. Different ways of celebrating, different quiet moments shared from all across the world. I like it.

Peace ✌


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