Currently – February 2017 Edition

I’m liking these. I like “regular” things, and I like that these mean I can show a snapshot of my life once in a while without it being too much or veering too far from the basic purpose of this blog, i.e., my author space and a place where I talk about writing.



How much my encyclopaedic knowledge of The West Wing has been coming in handy. And on that note – the twitter accounts of both the cast and quite a few of the characters. I’m having trouble working out what angry political commentary is Toby and what is Richard Schiff at the moment.



Finishing off The Count of Monte Cristo. I’ve been slacking off on reading something awful this month, so still working on the last two books I’ve mentioned. *slaps hand* IĀ must finish one or both of them off soon because I scored another two books from my book wishlist and now my “To Read” list is even longer. Monte Cristo is truly excellent, and I encourage all of you to go and find a copy. You won’t be disappointed.



I’ve been watching that People vs OJ American Crime Stories thing. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I really like crime documentaries, whether or not they have re-enactments in them, but something that’s entirely re-enactment I’m not so sure about. I like a good narration or a cut away to chat with someone who was actually there. Some good acting, though.


Listening to

The Skyrim soundtrack. It’s particularly good, because on its own it’s soothing, but after you spend 100+ hours running across a frozen landscape it also has this evocative, almost nostalgic quality. It means “safety”, because the music changes when a bear jumps out at you. Thus it is a good choice if it’s a hot day and you’re on a crowded bus with a lot of teenagers, and you desperately want to project your consciousness to the top of a mountain somewhere.


Thinking about

Plans and goals. University starts next week, and I’m getting all my ducks in a row. I’ve been looking into the “Getting Things Done method” of organisation, which appeals, and playing around with organising things into different categories in my filofax. On the other hand one doesn’t want to end up too organised and responsible, does one? It’s a bit of a balance right now, but you can’t make something work for you if you don’t try it out and play with it a little.


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Re-organising my shit šŸ’•

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I’ve been playing with some exercises from this website. I’m liking the one wherein the website generates eight words, and you have to fit them all into a story. Maybe it makes for a silly or dull story, but it’s a bit of a challenge getting them all in and you never know what something might turn into. I’ve been continuing to edit Sin Eater, but things are slower there than I’d hoped. I skipped too many days and the book sucks and argh, it’s a whole thing – I don’t want to talk about it. Oh also, I didn’t submit at all this month because I am a life failure.



Oh shit I am hype as fuck for Mass Effect: Andromeda. I am gonna get me a PS4 and drive around on far-off planets and shoot things and fucking romance me some goddamn aliens it’s gonna be awesome.



I wish the Republican Party would pull their fingers out of each other’s arses and start impeachment proceedings already. Also I wish I had a lot of money and a nice house that was close to the sea and the shops with a nice big garden for the dog.


Making Me Happy

The promise of autumn. I never do well in summer, and I’ve been neglecting my running in this heat. Soon it will be winter, and I will be at peace once again.



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