Small Pieces, Small Progress

I’ve been finding it hard to write lately. Hard to start new poems or short stories, hard to put my faith in ideas. Hard to churn out a meagre 350 words a day on a new novel I’ve started. I like the idea, and I like the main character, but there are so many things […]

Most of you know this, of course.   It would be hard to describe it as a “surprise”, really. Alzheimers takes you down in eight years, give or take; it destroys your brain, and you need that to live. It had been eight years, and after his message – and Neil Gaiman’s wonderful piece on […]


Here is some more of New York Sour. Well overdue, I think. I have been, I confess, rather reticent about sharing it. It is incredibly indulgent. It’s not particularly interesting. A little bit awful. But I enjoy it, and people seem to like the style, and I don’t have anything else to share this week. […]

  Stub out that cigarette Lean back in that velvet chair    and think of me. Perhaps you’ll turn your head And glimpse the crescent moon Outside the third-floor window. Exhale softly, Start to rise to close to curtains Then change your mind Sink back down and turn your head away. Reach out your hand    to […]

Bonjour Tristesse first grabbed my attention with its title.   It had caught my eye when I was working in a bookshop a few years ago; one of a set of well-priced, slim books that came with their own cardboard shelf unit. I ummed and ahhed about it, on the basis that a fondness of […]

  The words only come when the world is sleeping the house is quiet the birds are roosting and only the cat prowls                                  the night. Then come the words, the dreams, the stillness in the head the desire to […]

It is fitting that I should post a New Year’s Day post on the second of January. The first, which I am sure many people spent hungover anyway, has passed, and it has sunk in now that the new year has time to get a little comfortable. Besides, it is a leisurely time of year, […]

 He’ll take the low road, he said. And he’d get to Scotland afore me. Stupid of me not to realise what that meant.   I stop, take off my cap, rake my fingers through my hair. I look back across the hills, towards where I’d buried him, beside the road, under a cross made from […]


I’m reading Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking. I shouldn’t be, because it is November, and I am very far behind in writing my NaNoWriMo novel (or NaNovel, if you will). But it’s good, and I couldn’t help myself, and it has set me thinking.   I like the way Amanda writes. We have […]

I missed updating last week, though I’m sure you’ll forgive me. I’ve been participating in National Novel Writing Month, which hasn’t been “national” since about 2001 but the name is catchier this way.   It is now Week Two, and NaNoWriMo veterans will recognise Week Two as The Week Everything Goes to Shit. Writing becomes […]