my poems

Carve out my heart, and            serve it with vinegar Keep it in a jar of            for-mal-de-hyde Cut out my heart, and            cherish it savagely, Put it up with the other jars,            side by side.     Carve out my heart, and            serve it up prettily, Check that the Cabernet’s            […]

He’s playing the piano in the corner with a clunk-clunk-clunk half out of tune his fingers coming down hard on the keys like they owe him for a childhood trauma beating them down in some disjointed rhythm   His face twisted in a grimace and toes curled up in cheap shoes trying so damn hard […]

When she was 21 she bought a gun and posed with it in pictures uploaded to the internet.   She dyed her hair hot pink and tied it up in pigtails with some baubles that sparkled and glowed in the dark.   She wore knee-high socks and glitter sneakers, short skirts with frills and men’s […]

Death in the back of a jazz club. Low lights Glass of red wine on the table Cheap All his cash spent on a Cadillac. The band plays on without him Crooning their eulogies in the night A woman weeps into her martini. Old men laugh and flick cigar ash Onto the floor. They’ve been […]

A thousand fears my lover has survived Each night has heaped harsh troubles on his breast And all his life, of warmth and love deprived, No night has ever granted him his rest.   Together we were trapped in love’s embrace And dreamt of life together, far away. Admired he my voice, and I his […]

A star The black A step A breath The Beautiful People are gathered tonight A glance A bow The breeze So sweet The Beautiful People, so graceful, so bright The silk The wine She turns He smiles The Beautiful People do not fear the dark A step A twirl A touch A kiss The Beautiful […]

Today the sky is grey, as in my heart, And ever stronger blows the winter wind, And one begins to doubt the clouds will part Above a world whose people so have sinn’d.   Alone my heart will brave the winter’s chill, Alone again I’ll walk into the grey, And thus I shall indulge my […]


This is Border Country.   If you come here on a clear day, you can see into the future.   Just a few seconds – but sometimes, that’s enough.   It can be lonely. But it is peaceful in a way no other place seems to be. Peaceful, and quiet.   The air is cool. […]

See the dead on celluloid     Dancing for a coin Down the shadows come, Hush the rhythm-drum         And spirits join.   See the dead on celluoid     Beauty’s ashen grace Heavy footfalls crush, Upwards phantoms rush         And zephyrs chase.   See the dead on celluloid     Turn and take a bow Shrouded figures eight, Polished bones of fate […]

Paris is for Lovers. Paris is for Jazz Guitarists, Saxophonists, Seine-side Artists Paris is for Wayward Poets, Lost Composers Modern Stoics. Paris is for Nuns and Sinners Students, Bankers, New Beginners Paris is for Virgin Marys Whores and Revolutionaries, Singers, Saints and Sewer-Rats Rooftop Toms and Graveyard Cats Explorers, Beggars, Rogues and Liars, Cyclists, Climate-Change […]