On Life

Ahhhh, it’s nice when the shopping is done. One can sit back and relax. The wine cupboard is stocked, the sun is occasionally shining, and Eksmas is but two days away. I ran 13km this week. My cat is doing OK. I am going to eat all the food this weekend. (OK, fine. I am […]

Hey guys! Saw this “currently” concept from Amanda L. McCormick on twitter and thought it was a great idea, maybe once a month, to do a little round-up like this. So I’m giving it a try! I added in “writing” just because it felt relevant. Loving Kate Beaton‘s holiday family comics. They’ve become a part […]

Sam went back to the vet on Friday, and the news was very good. The steroid injection Sam was given last week seems to be working well, and his lymphoma has shrunk to half the size it was. The very was quite relieved as well; he’d been steeling himself to euthanise and it made his […]

Post-NaNo Blues


I have a NaNoWriMo hangover. Without an ongoing project to work on, I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I keep listlessly casting around for ideas and finding nothing that my mind catches on. I do have an idea for a novel, but I’m going to need to do some […]


TWO DAYS after Election 2016, the shock’s just starting to wear off and reality is beginning to set in. We’re looking around trying to get a sense of the world we now live in. And then LEONARD COHEN DIES. Is this year cursed, or something? We needed him. We’re catapulted into an uncertain future, everyone […]


The NaNoWriMo forums are frequented for two months out of the year. I prefer it like that, actually; like there are two months of Annual Writing Holiday, one month of sharing and preparation and excitement, and the second of panic and coffee and procrastination. NaNoWriMo is genuinely not the same without the forums; it’s a […]

I’ve missed a few posts, and I think it’s time to sit down and take a little time for some housekeeping. October will be a busy month. I have three assignments due, and an exam in early November. It’s also a big month from a creative standpoint: the NaNoWriMo forums reopen for a month of […]

I obsess. Not all the time. The obsessions come in waves. Every so often – for days or for weeks – I’ll get really, really into a subject or a fandom to the extent that I spent much of my time every day thinking about it, creating it, watching it, playing it, reading about it. […]

There’s something melancholy about the bus at night. Not at six, when everyone’s making their way home after work. Or even at seven, when the overtime stragglers, worn about the eyes, thinking about dinner, finally start their journeys. Later than that, after nine, when the bus driver dims the inside lights, and has started playing […]

There is a question-formulating activity we have been doing in one of my courses. Annoying though it is, it occurred to me that it is actually a good way to formulate ideas and get the brain working, so I bow to superior wisdom on that one. (Those who know me well will be astonished, I […]