On Life

Oh Sunday, Sunday! Why do you torment me so?   I’m afraid I’m not in much of a mood for blogging tonight. I’ve nothing insightful to say, nothing particular to discuss. I am here, writing this now, because it is August and I promised I would.   My hand hurts tonight. I have fibromyalgia, which […]

In late July, I went around various “monetise your blog!!” bullshit websites, looking for blog topics and prompts that might help me in August. I jotted down a few ideas in my beloved Midori traveller’s notebook, but none of them are appealing tonight. It’s Sunday and I’ve had a few glasses of wine – I […]

The Paradise Lost Mystery


Some years ago, I bought a folio copy of Paradise Lost. I purchased it online, and it travelled the length of the country to get to me. I suspect the person I bought it from had not opened it often.   It is not my first Paradise Lost, but it may be my oldest. Given […]

They don’t use the phrase “nom de plume” in France. It’s not actually a French phrase; it’s one of those phrases made up by the English using French words.   The French term is “nom de guerre”, war-name.   Sophie is my “real” first name, but my surname is… cumbersome. It’s not a name that […]

I have a pen problem.

God knows I’m bad enough with the notebooks. But now I’ve delved deeper into fountain pens – and, potentially, worse: fountain pen ink – I’m really looking at an expensive habit here.   It’s gotten so bad I’m day-dreaming of pens. 1.1mm italic nibs with bright red ink, something like Diamine’s Wild Strawberry. Every time […]

My friend Phil Cooper has called my attention to the idea of writing a blog post every day. Apart from the obvious fact that I barely have anything to say once a week, I’d think my readers (small in number though you are, you dear things) would grow bored of me posting every day. He […]


God, don’t you ever feel like you’re wasting your life?   I don’t know what I’m meant to be doing – travelling, experiencing, or whatever – but whatever it is I’m not doing it. I don’t feel like I’m living in the right place, even. I’d rather live in the Scottish Highlands, if I had […]

It is fitting that I should post a New Year’s Day post on the second of January. The first, which I am sure many people spent hungover anyway, has passed, and it has sunk in now that the new year has time to get a little comfortable. Besides, it is a leisurely time of year, […]


I’m reading Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking. I shouldn’t be, because it is November, and I am very far behind in writing my NaNoWriMo novel (or NaNovel, if you will). But it’s good, and I couldn’t help myself, and it has set me thinking.   I like the way Amanda writes. We have […]