I didn’t like Scrivener the first time I encountered it. It felt like it over-complicated things; I had a notebook, I had a word processor, I had text files for all my novel notes. What more could I want? Of course, that was years ago, and I don’t think it had a tutorial back then. […]

When you submit to a magazine, the usual response rate is around three months. I’ve waited up to five before. Getting a rejection after five months is not the best fun in the world, I have to say. I’ve also had a rejection after a couple of days, and my impression is that the sooner […]

There is a question-formulating activity we have been doing in one of my courses. Annoying though it is, it occurred to me that it is actually a good way to formulate ideas and get the brain working, so I bow to superior wisdom on that one. (Those who know me well will be astonished, I […]


I have Difficulty with Jane Austen. I found Pride and Prejudice a moreish read; I attribute this characteristic to its sexual tension. Romantic tension… ? No; throw Mr Darcy in with modern readers, and sexual tension it is. It was not “good” and yet it was a satisfying read. The prose was pleasant, yet the […]

The Old Woman liked to dance. On Saturdays she would set up the gramophone, and sway to the music alone until someone came to dance with her. The Old Woman was white: white of skin, white of hair, clad in a shroud of white. But her limbs moved with the grace and freedom of death: […]

I have, in my kikki-k folder, a bunch of plotting aids. Idea worksheets, Take Off Your Pants, Save the Cat… I would link to these if I had any earthly idea where it was I found them. Possibly somewhere on the NaNoWriMo forums. I have never used these. I am more of a “pantser” than […]

On Monday, the new semester begins. One is forced to take a look back at the last month of inter-semester break, to see what has been achieved. Not much, really. I had these grand visions of spending hours writing every day. I got a little bit done, but not much. I sent out one piece […]

I’m getting ahead of myself, I know. I should have more work to send out before I hunt down places to send things off to. I’m not the sort to “simultaneously submit”; it just seems easier to avoid it than to have to keep track of what was sent where when so that I can […]

This week involved the launch of Pokémon Go, and I do love me a good dose of fiction invading reality. I mentioned it back on the 25th of May, which really was more about characters, but shows how narratives dig into our minds and become a part of our world. Shrines to Jon Snow in […]

Nineteen Eighty-Four


I was unsure whether I wanted to write about Nineteen Eighty-Four. I don’t feel like I’m really “qualified” for it. It’s one of those books that tends to be studied, and I read it… Well, I was going to say “for pleasure”, but really I chose to read it because it is a Modern Classic […]