first drafts

Look at me, getting another blog post written on the right day like some kind of competent motherfucker. Little do they know I’m pulling things out of the ether at 9pm on a Wednesday with no plan! So anyway, read this. There’s a storm blowing in from the south. Perfect weather for writing! Why, one […]

Sin Eater is a weight in my pocket right now. The thing I want to be working on, but that I’m not touching because I have things with deadlines to deal with first. There’s a 2,700 word essay I need to finish by Thursday, and I have upwards of 100 pages of reading a week. […]

The semester is over. 3000 words of essay have been written and handed in. For the next six weeks, I am free.   It might be time to start a new manuscript.   I still haven’t done anything with Sin Eaters. Grim is still kicking her heels. An older idea – one that I got […]