Look at me, getting another blog post written on the right day like some kind of competent motherfucker. Little do they know I’m pulling things out of the ether at 9pm on a Wednesday with no plan! So anyway, read this. There’s a storm blowing in from the south. Perfect weather for writing! Why, one […]

“Blues for Sister Sally”, hooked on junk, Forever hunting, poking for a sign; I remember when we sang together, drunk On joy and laughter, and on cheap red wine. My Brother Jack sits gazing at the sky, The dark horizon calling him away. He’ll walk until his ligaments give way, And leave him stranded, dreaming […]

I am a ghost. On translucent soles I navigate the slick city streets, Afraid of falling. The mist Creeps in from Ran’s wide road, Muffling sounds of mid-week hustle. I grind my feet Against the asphalt, Finding purchase, Mincing steps for fear that in my heedlessness I’ll slip, And for a moment, suspended, unbreathing, contemplate […]

Give me a moon story, Write it with heart, Give it a middle, And end, and a start. Tell me a moon story, Fill it with songs, Pass the tequila and Write me some wrongs. Sing me a moon story, Passionate, wild; Heroines, champions, Loved and reviled. Write me a moon story, Mermaids with crowns, […]

With the summer heat and being unwell, I’ve fallen off the running wagon a little in the last few weeks. I feel a little lost, although since the world has apparently been turned upside down and America is on fire, I’m probably not the only one. I do need to keep my running practice up, […]

He told me that he’d loved before Her silken hair, Her chestnut eyes; A fire with which she lived her life That burned eternal.   I asked him, Did he love her still? Of course; So long as the tides came And the wind blew And the stars marched in procession.   He asked me, […]

Just tell me I’m not a lost cause. Tell me eternity is long enough For me to make things right. That the stars will not judge me from their seats in the night. Tell me love is the cleanser, Not blood and not pain, And that with patience enough I’ll be human again. Tell me […]

Wednesday night I wrote a poem, and it felt good to do that. Actually picking the germ of something out of my notebook, writing on it, refining it, and coming out of it with an actual thing… As opposed to writing on a feeling, ending up with a nothing scene that will languish in that […]

Carve out my heart, and            serve it with vinegar Keep it in a jar of            for-mal-de-hyde Cut out my heart, and            cherish it savagely, Put it up with the other jars,            side by side.     Carve out my heart, and            serve it up prettily, Check that the Cabernet’s            […]