I was listening to Leonard Cohen, as you do. Closing Time. I feel like lot of Cohen’s oeuvre has an element of desperation, of time slipping through one’s fingers. There’s a line in that song, “I lift my glass to the awful truth, which you can’t reveal to the ears of youth”. You know what […]

Give me a moon story, Write it with heart, Give it a middle, And end, and a start. Tell me a moon story, Fill it with songs, Pass the tequila and Write me some wrongs. Sing me a moon story, Passionate, wild; Heroines, champions, Loved and reviled. Write me a moon story, Mermaids with crowns, […]

I’ve added another story to my writing day, alongside my NaNovel – fanfiction; no, you can’t read it; I publish it on AO3 under an alias, as one does – and my mind is all stories, all the time. Well, I take brief breaks to goggle at the state of world politics, but mostly, it’s […]

…reading? Studying? Writing? Writing that other thing? Editing New York Sour? Writing your essay? Blogging?   I like the feeling after you hand in an essay, and there’s a sweet cool breeze that comes with freedom. You don’t have to do anything! There’s no vicious deadline looming over your head. Nothing vile is going to […]


Today is the Glorious 25th of May. Today, we remember Terry Pratchett. And we remember the brief existence of the People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road, and those who fought and died at the barricades. Barricades always appeal, but there’s something deeply special about Night Watch. It’s hard and it’s dark and it shows you […]

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I’m reading Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking. I shouldn’t be, because it is November, and I am very far behind in writing my NaNoWriMo novel (or NaNovel, if you will). But it’s good, and I couldn’t help myself, and it has set me thinking.   I like the way Amanda writes. We have […]