Shooting for that happy medium

It’s been a strange month. I’ve had essays and tests at uni, and blogging has been put on the back burner. Now the essays are handed in, the tests are behind me and I feel like I can put everything back together again. You take a week or two off exercising and writing to get an assignment done and you feel like your life’s gone to pieces. I spent all of Friday wrapped in a blanket watching YouTube; a reset-day. Now I’m starting to look at my goals again, map stuff out in my planner and pick up the dumbbells.

My instinct, of course, is to mainline Fallout 4 for the next month. What I should be doing is getting a bunch of books on my to-read list actually read and cram as much writing into the next month as possible.

Semester Two starts on the 24th of July. I found out a week or so ago that I managed to score a place in the poetry course, so I’m pretty pleased about that and excited (and scared!) for the next semester. I worry that I’m a bit set in my ways, poetry-wise, now that I’m in my 30s and I won’t be open enough to the avant garde new poetry forms the kids are into these days. And reading! Lord I hope we don’t have to give “performances”. My poetry is meant to be read in your head!

In other news, I bought a new notebook the other day. A gold Leuchtturm1917, because I can’t resist a limited edition, especially if it comes in dot grid. Of course, I’m not allowed to break into it until I’ve filled up my current notebook, so that’s the goal for this month. Fill that fucker up. I also have my eye on a new Chic Sparrow in A5 to slip it into, because I want to keep my writing commonplace book together with it. Best of both worlds, right? or at least that’s my excuse.


So I have plenty of work to be getting on with these uni holidays. Nevertheless, I need this break, like, so bad. The last semester really ground me down towards the end of it, and I want to enjoy the fuck out of these few weeks. I am exhausted, and I need to relax. That is why it is past midnight, but I’m still gunna click the “publish” button and then go play an hour of Fallout 4. A girl needs her vices.

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