I will be tired until I die

Hey guys. General update post time. First I’d like to talk about Patreon, because they’ve made some changes in the way they account for credit card fees and, like many creators, I’m really not happy about it.

Paying out of my pocket seemed like the right way to go; you know Patreon’s going to take a percentage anyway and it’s just the sort of thing you accept. Raising how much patrons are actually pledging feels dishonest. $1 patrons will end up paying $1.38 and that’s a huge percentage extra on top. The fact that these charges are per pledge also feels wrong to me… you only get charged once, at the end of the month, so why are credit card fees being levied on every pledge?

Creators are reporting that low-tier patrons are cancelling pledges left and right, and frankly I don’t blame them. It makes me question staying with Patreon, especially with Kickstarter introducing Drip in the new year. They’ve lost a lot of goodwill that I’m not sure they can get back. I’m staying where I am for now, but I’m very unhappy that Patreon doesn’t seem to be backing down from this new plan of theirs, and I’ll be considering alternatives.

Anyway. Now that’s out of the way…

December. I finally feel like I’ve slept off the last semester. In the end, I didn’t play NaNoWriMo this year. I was entrenched in an ongoing project anyway (on which I managed ~20,000 words during November, hurrah) and, frankly, I was exhausted. I finished the last piece of work for the semester, and the year, on November 1st. Handed it in. Had coffee with a mate. Came home. Wrote about 900 words on a possible NaNo project. Then threw up my hands and packed it in.

My plan was to use November to catch up on sleep. I’d been averaging 6.5 hours a night over the semester and frankly the fact that I didn’t actually hit the wall until after the semester was done was a blessing. I’m sleeping maybe an extra hour on average now but I’d like to be at 8-9 hours a night. I’m still exhausted. All the goddamn time, I am exhausted.

My basic go-to solution for exhaustion is getting more exercise. Running. I’ve started Couch to 5k all over again, I’m rebuilding some neglected muscles, and I’m feeling good about it. The post-run high is real and I have to restrain myself from yelling about how running is a wonder drug about an hour after every outing. My dog Rocco’s finally getting back into the swing of things after a slow start. For a crossbreed of two different types of sheepdogs, he doesn’t have a lot of stamina. But we’re getting there. It’s a lot more fun running with a dog, even if you do have to stop once in a while to give him some water. I scored a Samsung Gear Sport for an early Christmas present and it’s been amazing so far. Battery life seems hit and miss but frankly I was charging every three days with my Fitbit alta anyway so I’m pretty impressed. It’s a great little gadget.

My big personal news is that I have a conditional acceptance into a postgraduate diploma and I’m kind of freaking out about it, because it sort of happened accidentally (don’t ask) and I also applied for full time instead of part time somehow, and I’m afraid the workload is going to murder me. I think I’m tired in advance for the next semester. Thankfully the anxiety has worn off and I’m now in a state of maddened determination about it. If only my advisor would get back to me on a meeting…. Please tell me she’s just on summer break and isn’t ignoring me…

I’d like to do a one-year Masters degree afterwards, write a thesis, you know. But what happens after that? I mean, is anyone else just stumbling through life? Is there anyone out there with any actual idea what they’re going to be doing in five years? Assuming civilisation doesn’t collapse, I mean. I’m basically just rolling with it, here.

Summer has arrived. If you know me, you know summer and I don’t get along very well. At best it is hot and unpleasant. At worst it’s a season of sensory-overload, heightened anxiety, physical illness and burning skin. Fuck this season. It’s also near impossible to eat food until about 8pm when it starts to cool down. Happily, I’ve done a lot of

Before the end of the month I’ll make a post about my planner set-up for next year, so planner and stationery nerds, you can sign up to emails over on the left if you want to make sure not to miss it.

Peace and love, fam 🤘🏻 rock on

EDIT: Patreon has since reversed course on this decision. Hurrah!

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