It’s just so glorious

My friend Phil Cooper has called my attention to the idea of writing a blog post every day. Apart from the obvious fact that I barely have anything to say once a week, I’d think my readers (small in number though you are, you dear things) would grow bored of me posting every day. He managed a 20-day unbroken streak; personally, I’d settle for two to three posts a week.

There is, says friend Scruff, an event on the horizon known as Blaugust. Of course I was instantly inclined towards it, enjoying as I do the odd portmanteau. (It’s such an uncomfortable looking word! I love it.) The event itself is for gaming bloggers (though none of the posts themselves need to be on-topic), which I am not. A blogger yes, a gamer yes, a game blogger, not so much. Yes, friends, breathe a sigh of relief: I shall keep my fangirlish screams about Varric’s chest hair on tumblr, where they belong. However, I like the idea so much, that I do intend to see if I can keep up the post-a-day pace, come August.

Not all posts will be on writing. With luck, there will be a few creative pieces in there as well, but I hope to, most days, sit down and just see what comes to mind as I write. Blaugust’s rules state that a post must be of ten sentences or more, which seems fair, poetry aside, so I’ll keep that as a baseline, and see what comes of it.

Why not just start now, or do it some other month, if I’m not officially participating? Because I like the portmanteau. Obviously.

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  1. I love to see the word of mouth spreading of this thing πŸ™‚ I would ultimately love to see it branch outside of the game blogger thing… but since that is largely what I am, it had to start somewhere. Really look forward to seeing your posts this year!

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