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I’ve been reading Junky, and it’s really good. I mean, really good. I enjoyed Exterminator! and other Stories with their disjointed nuclear fallout, and Junky is much more straight-forward, which I didn’t like at first, but when I got into it – well, more on that later. I’ll write up a Book Thoughts on it.

In any case, it got me thinking about cut-up technique, which I hadn’t tried before. I sat down with some exercises I’d printed out for writing tutorials, and tried my hand at the fold-in variation.

I leave the café in search of calmer shores. They’re true, which is why we’re here. Pure violent pastels. I grit my teeth. They’re taking over, and hanging in the air. But they’re yours. And the little demons are flitting about, somehow.

I flee to the relative peace of the bookshop in your mind as others stutter and swallow.

They make sense, but they don’t make sense. Sense sort of arises slowly from them… You start out with two sets of one thing, and take half of each, and slide them together like shuffling cards, and they blend, slowly, like drinks layered in a tall glass, becoming one new thing. I like it. It’s… it’s like they’re your words, it’s your story and your work, but you’re still trying to work out the meaning from it. It’s reading something you’ve written before, but for the first time, as if it was something you uncovered in a dusty book from 100 years ago. Like talking with another part of your brain.

Devouring, moving over each other, writhing and the offence you might cause. The hearts emitting hideous honking noises as they slither, so take a deep breath and accept your own. People, people everywhere. Revolting, pulsating, they’ve found you out, and sent Fraud, wrapped around coffee cups, touching one another. Do not falter under the bright light of empty eyes they have, glassy eyes. It’s so easy to hide from the eyes, and smile.

These are from separate pieces, and I’m interested in what I might find-create if I take things written with the same basic theme in mind and mix them together. I’d like to try proper cut-up as well, taking sentences and fragments and paragraphs and mixing a single story all up together.

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