POEM: Precipice


Just tell me I’m not a lost cause.

Tell me eternity is long enough
For me to make things right.
That the stars will not judge me
from their seats in the night.
Tell me love is the cleanser,
Not blood and not pain,
And that with patience enough
I’ll be human again.
Tell me not every person
will send me away
Tell me that there’s still a reason
to pray.
Tell me that I have something
in me worth saving.
Tell me that I’m more than
a desperate, raving
monster screaming for solace
or pity
From anyone in this
god-fucking-forsaken city
I’m nothing, I’m ruined,
I’m past all forgiveness.
There’s nothing left here for me.
I’m lost, and I know this.

But, please.
lie to me.

You smile and you whisper,
your hand on my thigh,
“You’re a lost cause, my darling,
But God help me, so am I.”



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