POEM: Writers’ Lullaby

Give me a moon story,
Write it with heart,
Give it a middle,
And end, and a start.

Tell me a moon story,
Fill it with songs,
Pass the tequila and
Write me some wrongs.

Sing me a moon story,
Passionate, wild;
Heroines, champions,
Loved and reviled.

Write me a moon story,
Mermaids with crowns,
Lost Boys and Wayward Girls,
Smiles and frowns.

Give me a moon story,
Under the sky,
Make it of heroes who
Suffer and cry.

Tell me your moon story;
Angels in hell,
Cruelties, secrecies,
Lies that we tell.

Sing me your moon story,
Lasers and swords,
Ships from Andromeda,
Soldiers and Lords.

Write me your moon story,
End it in pain,
Kill them all off and then
Tell it again.

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