It’s a special sort of torment, waiting to hear from a publication. I am being optimistic. The thing is, I know my work is good. That is, all the work that I consider for submission is good. So every rejection is a “They Just Don’t Understand My Genius” Poet Merit Badge. Every writer gets rejected. […]

Tree by tree Shadow by shadow My palm surfing the air currents out the passenger window. The radio cuts out, in and out, Static over some classic rock station. Sky turning grey, Falling, sinking, Entombing the distance in fog. Grey road, grey sky, grey world Black naked trees stabbing upward like accusatory teeth – Or […]

You splurge out all your energy onto the page, in maybe 20 minutes or so. Just, bam, out there, everything in one poem draft, and you find yourself exhausted but you still stay with it, tweaking, copying it down into another book or word processing file so you don’t lose track of it. Maybe you […]

  Alone in the woods A cut in the bark It weeps, it bleeds Its golden sap. Green needle scent And a warm spring breeze Deeper and darker she goes.   Crunch underfoot. Light filters down Through forest leaves And dapples shadow On fecund earth. A cool spring breeze, and Deeper and darker she goes. […]

I am a writer, and writers write. – (And being comfortable calling myself “a writer” was its own little journey. Now I sit here typing this a mite surprised at how easy it is to refer to myself that way, and be comfortable with it) – But a writer who wants to make something of […]