Ah! my love, the soldier-boy We follow him, for a time. When he falls, rises, falls once more, We pause. Alight. And watch to see If he will rise again. My little soldier, ever fighting on. You may sleep, sweet soldier. We will watch over you.   The night will come, As will the […]

  Stub out that cigarette Lean back in that velvet chair    and think of me. Perhaps you’ll turn your head And glimpse the crescent moon Outside the third-floor window. Exhale softly, Start to rise to close to curtains Then change your mind Sink back down and turn your head away. Reach out your hand    to […]

  The words only come when the world is sleeping the house is quiet the birds are roosting and only the cat prowls                                  the night. Then come the words, the dreams, the stillness in the head the desire to […]

  GOD LEADS US THROUGH DARK TUNNELS in purple flickering neon (as if it isn’t sure;) And I swear I’ve never seen a damn thing look so lonely (But maybe it’s just the misery talking.) stuck upon some haunted aluminium poles somewhere between Lost and Nowhere, waiting for devils that aren’t real to rise up […]

This is a poem I had written a while ago, based on a prompt that runs “a 45 year old music critic falls for a 17 year old piano player hailed as a prodigy”. I can’t remember where the prompt was from, possibly Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves. I didn’t like it so […]

Grey shadows on grey concrete Slate Devoid of depth No true darkness here to hide in Or to die alone in Not someone there to miss          Or even hate Not here the solace of despair Nor the soft cool touch of hope or sorrow This soulless purgatory Locked forever under clouds of dust and […]

“The ceaseless labour of your life is to build the house of death.”       – Montaigne, Essais     I built my house from lust; From that moment Before skin touches skin When my hand hovers Above Her curving thigh – That moment When lips pause, part, And gasped breath Passes from one to the […]

Tree by tree Shadow by shadow My palm surfing the air currents out the passenger window. The radio cuts out, in and out, Static over some classic rock station. Sky turning grey, Falling, sinking, Entombing the distance in fog. Grey road, grey sky, grey world Black naked trees stabbing upward like accusatory teeth – Or […]

  Alone in the woods A cut in the bark It weeps, it bleeds Its golden sap. Green needle scent And a warm spring breeze Deeper and darker she goes.   Crunch underfoot. Light filters down Through forest leaves And dapples shadow On fecund earth. A cool spring breeze, and Deeper and darker she goes. […]