Hitting the beats

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about how our lives are stalled cars on the highway of life. He seemed surprised that I was in the same position. “What do you mean? You go running three times a week!” The implication being, of course, that this means I am a […]


The NaNoWriMo forums are frequented for two months out of the year. I prefer it like that, actually; like there are two months of Annual Writing Holiday, one month of sharing and preparation and excitement, and the second of panic and coffee and procrastination. NaNoWriMo is genuinely not the same without the forums; it’s a […]

I’ve missed a few posts, and I think it’s time to sit down and take a little time for some housekeeping. October will be a busy month. I have three assignments due, and an exam in early November. It’s also a big month from a creative standpoint: the NaNoWriMo forums reopen for a month of […]


All I’ve written this week is a sort of incoherent stream-of-consciousness, influenced by the new Nick Cave album Skeleton Tree and Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley’s new EP. Also influenced by Maus, although I couldn’t tell you how. I’ve started reading Pale Fire, which is the sort of work of genius that just makes you […]


I obsess. Not all the time. The obsessions come in waves. Every so often – for days or for weeks – I’ll get really, really into a subject or a fandom to the extent that I spent much of my time every day thinking about it, creating it, watching it, playing it, reading about it. […]

I have a novel that’s been sitting around a while. One day, I’m going to send it to an agent. I haven’t worked up the nerve just yet. Self-publishing works for a lot of people. There are some successful authors out there who self-publish. I wonder sometimes if that would be a better option for […]

The wine’s been drunk. She’s lifted the bottle more than once to see if there’s another drop she can coax from its neck. Each time is as unsatisfying as the last. “We need some more wine,” she grumbles. “Yeah, well, I need a new job,” he replies. He has a newspaper in front of him, […]

There’s something melancholy about the bus at night. Not at six, when everyone’s making their way home after work. Or even at seven, when the overtime stragglers, worn about the eyes, thinking about dinner, finally start their journeys. Later than that, after nine, when the bus driver dims the inside lights, and has started playing […]

I didn’t like Scrivener the first time I encountered it. It felt like it over-complicated things; I had a notebook, I had a word processor, I had text files for all my novel notes. What more could I want? Of course, that was years ago, and I don’t think it had a tutorial back then. […]

When you submit to a magazine, the usual response rate is around three months. I’ve waited up to five before. Getting a rejection after five months is not the best fun in the world, I have to say. I’ve also had a rejection after a couple of days, and my impression is that the sooner […]