And just like that, my Honours year is nearly over. The last push is meant to break you down. It’s meant to be tough, it’s meant to be panic and late nights and exhaustion. We’re tired enough already, and it’s just getting harder. A few weeks ago I was getting emails from the postgrad advisors […]

Today is the last day of August, and so the last day of Blaugust. It seems appropriate to look back at the month and see how I did. I missed five days, and managed 16 without breaking my streak. I’m quite happy with that – honestly it felt like I’d missed a few more days […]

Welcome to the month of August, wherein I will be posting something here on my blog every single day.  I had intended to get down to business as soon as I’d finished my coffee, but Windows 10 was available for install and I’ve been spending most of the day wresting with bloatware and so on. […]

My friend Phil Cooper has called my attention to the idea of writing a blog post every day. Apart from the obvious fact that I barely have anything to say once a week, I’d think my readers (small in number though you are, you dear things) would grow bored of me posting every day. He […]