He rapped his knuckles against the side of his glass. His nerves were getting the better of him. Scraps of apologies flitted around in his head, but he couldn’t make anything coherent from them. Nothing that she would accept. It had been seventeen years. Who was she now? Someone beautiful? Angry? Could she be […]

The cigarette dangles from his hand, dropping ash on the scuffed surface of the table. He doesn’t notice. His eyes are focused on a spot on the dark wood, but his gaze is turned inward, sifting through the fog of recollection. The night had been a mess of moving shadows, like ghosts on a sunken […]


Issues #1-6 The door opens and I’m met by a South-American woman with her dark hair swept back into a bun. She stares at me as I introduce myself and hand her my card. She examines it, stares at me again, then nods and stands aside. “Mrs Trollieti is in the parlour. She is having […]

…reading? Studying? Writing? Writing that other thing? Editing New York Sour? Writing your essay? Blogging?   I like the feeling after you hand in an essay, and there’s a sweet cool breeze that comes with freedom. You don’t have to do anything! There’s no vicious deadline looming over your head. Nothing vile is going to […]


Read from the first issue HERE ~~~   I wake face-down on a white sheet. Glad I made it to bed at all, and that’s all I care about this time of the morning. I’m too old to fall asleep on the sofa or the floor and wake up without an ache somewhere. No avoiding […]

The night was dark, the moon a sliver in the western sky. It hid behind a cloud, from time to time peeking out to cast its faint light down upon the world. In the cemetery, there was activity. Johnson put his spade down and set his hands on his hips, with a sharp exhale through […]