This year is different. All years are different. I didn’t always think about it this way. This is new, and I think it’s connected to the postgraduate life. I’ve stopped thinking of things as ongoing and endless and started thinking of things as discrete projects or units of time in which I can direct my […]

I’m the world’s least reliable blogger, I swear. One month out of Blaugust and I’m already down to a post a week. *smacks hand* Naughty. I’ve been getting back into Skyrim and wasting my time on that, I’m afraid. (No video games for me tonight until I’ve done my due blogging diligence!)   On the […]

"Bisous xx"

Tonight I spent some time going through and editing some old photos. I tried to post one on tumblr, and was told by that august institution that I had to shrink it or be damned. So it was that I went onto my deviant art account and actually posted some work. The result, among other […]

Lomography and Artistic Messes

One thing I love about art – and one thing that I, admittedly, have some difficulty with in my medium of choice, i.e. writing – is experimentation. One of the most liberating aspects of art is the ability to make big, messy mistakes and glory in them, or to discover they aren’t mistakes at all. […]