The Tree Fort Irregulars

It has come to be that I spend far too little time reading. I enjoy reading, but I never seem to find the time in the day in which to do any. My pile of bought-but-not-yet-read books grows ever larger, and something must be done.


Another matter is that I want to blog more. Particularly, I’d like to write more “book thoughts”, my little quasi-reviews.


To these ends I gathered some chums and declared us the Tree Fort Irregulars, Book Club Extraordinaire. Our first book? I hunted about and eventually spotted it on the Book Depository homepage, which indicated it as the 2015 Man Booker Prize winner: Satantango.


It arrived, and I dived in.


I have since discovered that the bastard was made into a movie in 1994. The movie is 7 hours long and filmed in black and white.


The first shot is 10 minutes long.


It is of cows.


More on Satantango later, when I’ve finished the monster. Apparently it is one of László Krasznahorkai’s more accessible novels. Good god almighty.

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