POEM: In the Dust Left by the End of the World

Grey shadows on grey concrete


Devoid of depth

No true darkness here to hide in

Or to die alone in

Not someone there to miss

         Or even hate

Not here the solace of despair

Nor the soft cool touch of hope or sorrow

This soulless purgatory

Locked forever under clouds of dust and a relentless sun

Lost in a dull amaranthine warren

         Of crushing imperfection.

Imperfect world

Imperfect soul

Imperfect fool

Imperfect whore

Imperfect doll

Imperfect child

Imperfect wretch

Imperfect corpse

Imperfect virus

Imperfect image

Imperfect rot

Imperfect God

The epitome of ruination


To the wreckage of eternity.

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