My Twitter timeline is filled with writers now. I love it; really I don’t know how I managed without so many interesting and hard-working writers in my twittersphere. Quite a few are working on ongoing projects, and sometimes I feel a little inferior by comparison, because I’m not working on anything much. I’m dragging out […]


TWO DAYS after Election 2016, the shock’s just starting to wear off and reality is beginning to set in. We’re looking around trying to get a sense of the world we now live in. And then LEONARD COHEN DIES. Is this year cursed, or something? We needed him. We’re catapulted into an uncertain future, everyone […]

The Old Woman liked to dance. On Saturdays she would set up the gramophone, and sway to the music alone until someone came to dance with her. The Old Woman was white: white of skin, white of hair, clad in a shroud of white. But her limbs moved with the grace and freedom of death: […]

She lit the cigarette. Put it to her lips. Took a pull, long, savouring it. Pressed the glowing end against her freckled forearm and let it sear. “Hey.” She dropped her leg down from the wooden crate serving as her seat, and blew a stream of smoke at him as she turned. “What’s up, Brock?” […]


What do I have in me today? Alan Rickman died. Now I recall the old “they come in threes” and wait for the other shoe to drop. I suppose it might be Lemmy, but a part of me feels as if they’d have to be within a few days of each other or the magic of […]


I don’t think anyone was expecting to say goodbye to David Bowie last night. On reflection, looking at the album he left us just a week or so ago, he knew. He gave us the video for Lazarus only five days ago. The timing was impressive. We like to tell ourselves stories, half-joking, about people […]

Death in the back of a jazz club. Low lights Glass of red wine on the table Cheap All his cash spent on a Cadillac. The band plays on without him Crooning their eulogies in the night A woman weeps into her martini. Old men laugh and flick cigar ash Onto the floor. They’ve been […]

Today the sky is grey, as in my heart, And ever stronger blows the winter wind, And one begins to doubt the clouds will part Above a world whose people so have sinn’d.   Alone my heart will brave the winter’s chill, Alone again I’ll walk into the grey, And thus I shall indulge my […]


See the dead on celluloid     Dancing for a coin Down the shadows come, Hush the rhythm-drum         And spirits join.   See the dead on celluoid     Beauty’s ashen grace Heavy footfalls crush, Upwards phantoms rush         And zephyrs chase.   See the dead on celluloid     Turn and take a bow Shrouded figures eight, Polished bones of fate […]

  Ah! my love, the soldier-boy We follow him, for a time. When he falls, rises, falls once more, We pause. Alight. And watch to see If he will rise again. My little soldier, ever fighting on. You may sleep, sweet soldier. We will watch over you.   The night will come, As will the […]