Several months of not enough sleep and a few weeks of no exercise means I’m exhausted at the moment. Just exhausted. Physically exhausted, mentally exhausted. I need to sleep for a week but I barely manage eight hours a night. Also my legs ache and I’m sick of it. I desperately need to start running again. I haven’t been out for a run in about six months and life is less good when I am not running.

My new writing notebook! I’ve shown it to you before, but I’m just adoring it. The leather is gorgeous and it’s marking up nicely. A great match for the Leuchtturm1917.

I’m also really into this twitter account called congress-edits that tracks all changes to Wikipedia from the US House of Congress. Ordinarily it’s interesting enough; I think it’s meant to track any suspect changes that might be made but you can also see the weird stuff they’re into that they spend their spare time on. But lately, someone has gone a bit rogue. They’ve been sending messages either through the edits in the articles themselves or by chaining together page titles. Some of the messages are humorous, some are subversive. Go and take a look, you won’t regret it.

A Storm of Swords II. I’ve also been reading some poetry books. I know it’s really sort of trendy to hate Ginsberg but he was actually incredible. I love his stuff.

There was a marathon during the NZ election weekend of Yes Minister, one of the best and most intelligent sitcoms to ever exist. Rather cynical to have it on on election weekend, of course, but very very funny. Also, my VPN started working with Netflix again (don’t tell them) so I’ve been having a good time watching old US shows like Grey’s Anatomy. It was pretty good for a few years. Indulgent TV. I was also struck once again by how much I identify with the character Cristina.

Listening to
Amanda Palmer’s been writing a lot of songs over a handful of days lately. They’re really good. Drowning in the Sound might be my favourite. Also Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker has been on repeat for me lately. I blame that awesome Assassin’s Creed trailer.

Thinking about
There’s an option on Patreon now for patron-only content through WordPress. That is to say, you can post blog posts that are only accessible to patrons. Sounds like a great idea, it just seems to be a bit beyond me technically. I’m in uncharted territory. Buuuut, I don’t have so many patrons that it’s useful for me at this point anyway. šŸ™‚

The last few weeks have been a poetry whirlwind as I finished up my portfolio for class. Also, essays. I think essays are easier, but man I’m never happy with them when I hand them in. I mean, 2,500 words? That’s not nearly enough! I was right up against the 10% over threshold. I just need

It’s November, and you know what that means: everyone’s posting their planners for next year. I have my hobonichi – I went with a techo original this time with a weeks as well, and I have a cousin for journalling. But I want a big desk planner to really pre-plan and lay out my weeks. I’m not sure what I want to go with. I’m considering maybe a LimeLife or a Passion Planner, or a set of inserts from somewhere like SewMuchCrafting.

Fallout 4 and Skyrim. One of the things I’m hoping for for the next Elder Scrolls (if it ever appears) is a more detailed romance system like they gave us in Fallout 4. I love characters in games, I love unlocking their shit and loving them and hanging out with them in the Normandy break room or whatever. Skyrim has some characterisation, but it’s sort of undercut by half the good characters sharing their voices with Random Villager A or something. And the great ones like Brynjolf you can’t even marry! Anyway. I’ve been hanging with my guy Hancock. Husbando. <3

I applied for postgraduate school last week. I just need to send in a few documents and I’m pretty anxious about the whole thing. I’m anticipating them looking over their glasses at me and asking awkward questions. Or maybe my CV just doesn’t live up to it and I miss out. But the thing is, I’m good at history. My first history paper was a 300-level and I worked my way up from a B- to an A over the course of the semester. I do well in this subject. I can go further. I’m hoping they’ll let me. Also it’s expensive. Yikes. My student loan is getting heftier and heftier. Also I really hope they don’t ask me what I’m planning to do with a postgraduate diploma in history because I have no idea.

We have a new government here in New Zealand and I am pretty delighted with them so far. We have a Green minister for Climate Change. It’s a good thing. I have high hopes for this government. Do me proud, guys.

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