I’m the world’s least reliable blogger, I swear. One month out of Blaugust and I’m already down to a post a week. *smacks hand* Naughty. I’ve been getting back into Skyrim and wasting my time on that, I’m afraid. (No video games for me tonight until I’ve done my due blogging diligence!)


On the life-and-writing front, I’ve been contemplating doing a Graduate Diploma. It’s been ten years for me since university, so there’s no small amount of anxiety regarding going back, of course, but my prospectus arrived today. There’s nothing to match quite the flavour of excitement you get from a prospectus. (I suppose that outs me as a bit of a nerd.) At any rate there’s a busyness to it – paging through papers and jotting down the ones I like the look of, planning out potential semesters and so on – that makes one feel less guilty about not updating one’s website.


The graduate prospectus is quite thin, just a dozen or so pages. I’d like to study English/creative writing, or possibly history, though I’m not sure there are enough history papers I’m interested in to fill up the whole diploma. I’m excited by the idea of taking some creative writing papers, maybe one on poetry too if I can get in. At the same time, my Bachelor’s degree is in psychology, and though I took some papers on sociology, anthropology and classics, I didn’t spend much time on humanity essays. I’d be banking on my life experience and writing improvements to, well, not suck.


I’ve been toying with studying something in the fine arts area for a while now. I thought about taking a class in photography for a while. Writing’s my jam, though, and putting a portfolio together with the help of tutors sounds like an awesome opportunity.


Speaking of photography, how did it take me so long to discover the Vignette app? I’m in love!




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